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How We Work

How Our Financial Advisors Serve You

Our mission is to simplify your financial life, protect your wealth, and give you the opportunity to enjoy life, free from the burden of financial worries.

We are fully committed to frequent personal communication with our clients and to the continuous monitoring of their investments. We have instituted limits on our future growth thereby ensuring on-going personal attention.

  • Our investment philosophy is very conservative with the primary focus on safety and the preservation of your hard-earned money.
  • We devote considerable time and effort in determining our clients’ lifetime goals by really getting to know them personally. This allows us to gain an in-depth look into each client’s financial situation.
  • We are dedicated exclusively to addressing individual and family financial planning and investment management issues. Our in-depth expertise is centered around those concerns most important to current and near-term retirees.

“Your financial well-being and security are our top priorities. You and your family can count on us
every day for advice and service that helps you realize your financial dreams.”
- Marty Higgins, Founder of Family Wealth Management

Our Ideal Client Profile

At Family Wealth Management, our clients include retired couples and pre-retirees, financially independent women, and successful entrepreneurs.

Indeed, we have found that the most successful clients of Family Wealth Management have the following characteristics:

  • They have realistic expectations
  • They understand financial strategies and products, but have a low level of interest in doing the work themselves
  • They understand the value of advice and investment management by a team of competent professionals
  • They are committed to not only developing a written financial plan, but also implementing it
  • They have $250,000 or more of investable assets

8 Reasons To Choose Family Wealth Management

  1. We will clearly understand your goals and family situation.
  2. We will help select an appropriate asset mix for your portfolio.
  3. We will assist you in coordinating investment decisions.
  4. You will be proactively contacted regarding your investments.
  5. We will clearly disclose all fees involved.
  6. We will bring in experts to help with other financial areas.
  7. We will help you coordinate and organize all of your financial documents.
  8. You can have a financial plan that coordinates your money with your life.

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