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The following statements are provided from clients of the advisor. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statements. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the clients. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.

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"The Financial Team at “Family Wealth Management ” is extremely knowledgeable, professional and attentive to making your money grow. Marty Higgins and his team has the experience to set up your financial portfolio up for success!!!"

-Amy Alfano

"I have been a client with Marty for over 25 years. Marty has consistently advised my family thru whatever was happening with the economy to make sure our finances were secure and we were on target for our future goals. He has a way of explaining complicated financial landscapes in language anyone can understand. His team is responsive and organized. Very confident in Family Wealth Management and the services they provide."

-Felicia Chew

"I have been a client for over 10 years. I have always had a positive experience with Family Wealth Management, so much so that when I left NJ and moved to PA, I maintained the relationship rather than find someone local. I greatly appreciate Marty’s willingness to explain things in terms that are more clear to a non- expert and that I never feel pressured into any changes/new plans. I also greatly appreciate the responsiveness of the entire staff. I never wait too long for email replies or a call back. Highly recommend Family Wealth Management!"

-Tara Schmidlen

"My husband and I have worked with Family Wealth management for close to eight years now and only have had positive experiences with Martin Higgins and his team. Being from the medical field , financial investing is not my specialty. FWM team members explain everything in easy to understand terms and I feel confident that they have my best financial interests at heart. I know that with their help we can retire happy and comfortable!"

-Cathy Stelmaszyk

"My husband and I have been with Family Wealth Management for about 5 years now. Initially we thought that we did not have the kind of wealth that FWM would be interested in. After meeting Marty and then Scott Higgins, we realized we fit right in. Scott has helped us navigate the complexities of Medicare enrollment and has been proactive in helping us take steps towards a retirement plan that will meet our needs."

-Loren And Sarah Heinle

"My wife and I have been clients of Marty Higgins and Family Wealth for over 30 years and they have taken care of all our insurance and investment needs. We have just entered the retirement faze of life and it would not be possible with out the help and guidance of the plan and investments that we put together several years ago. I highly recommend the folks at Family Wealth and have referred several of my friends who are now clients also. Marty and his Staff are the best!!"

-Frank & Analiz Ingargiola

"There are few examples today where one can say “ not only do I trust the company but I am confident that they will do the very best for me” Family Wealth is the rarity today. It excels in a sea of the mundane."

–Michael Klausman

"They really care about you not just managing your money. Great people to work with. The name reflects what they care about family."

–Marco J Anthony

"We have many reasons to be thankful for the day that we first met Marty Higgins. David had changed jobs and we needed someone’s guidance with our retirement savings then and for the future. Even though, at that time, retirement was far into the future, we were immediately comfortable with Marty and Family Wealth Management. Over the years, the entire Family Wealth Management team has carefully guided our accounts, helped us select products, and purchase insurance that were the best matches for our needs.

Now that we are retirees, we are even more grateful for all the years of work and management Family Wealth Management has done and continues to do for us. We are very thankful for our “financial guardian angels” and have encouraged family and friends to call on them. We trust them completely to offer us their very best service and advice and to keep us well informed. Thanks and kudos to our Team!"

–David And Brenda Flood

"We have been with Family Wealth Services for many years. We enjoy the personal service and prompt response to our questions. They have answered all our financial questions and have put our mind at ease for our financial future. We highly recommend FWM to anyone who needs financial advice of any kind."

-Barney And Lucy Schein

"I met Marty Higgins through a friend over 6 years ago. His professionalism and knowledge was apparent as soon as we talked. He became my Financial Advisor and it was the best move I could have made for my retirement years. Also, grab his book DistributionLand. It is very informative."

–Gary B Hastings

"Knowing Martin Higgins, Laura Stupar, and all of the friendly and competent staff at Family Wealth Management has been a wonderful experience for me for the past 9 years. With a recommendation from a friend, I agreed to meet Marty. Immediately, I was impressed with his genuineness, knowledge, expertise, honesty, integrity, and caring personality. I transferred my money immediately to his company and have been impressed ever since with the performance of my portfolio. Being a single woman, I truly trust Martin and his staff as they continually provide me with answers, support, patience, explanations, and truly personal service. I know Martin Higgins and his staff have my best interest as their goal. I highly, highly recommend Martin Higgins and Family Wealth Management. They’re the BEST!!"

–Eileen Spagnola

"Marty and his team are exceptionally good at what they do and their service is world class. They helped me put a retirement plan in place, and they also helped my mother with her investments so she never has to worry about running out of money. I highly recommend them."

-Cole Silver, Esq.

"Family Wealth Management has integrated our family needs and desires with our personalized financial plan for the last two decades. The staff are easy to work with, friendly, attentive to details, and thorough. They are very well versed with product awareness, and up to date with available products and markets. They have proven to be excellent counselors and educators, which allows us to confidently make our own forward path decisions. They are not “pushy”; they simply give you all the facts and options in an understandable way. Their follow-up to questions and concerns has been timely and excellent. We have no hesitation recommending Family Wealth Management to those considering becoming a client."

-Bill & Elaine

"We have been clients of Family Wealth Management for 25 years. What has impressed the most is the firm’s willingness to listen and respond with proper guidance, allowing us to plan properly for our retirement. We highly recommend Martin Higgins and all the employees of Family Wealth Management when it comes to planning for your future financial well being. No pressure, just exceptional advice. You will not be disappointed."

-Gail And Charlie Cahill

"My wife, Marge, has been a client of Marty Higgins and his firm for about 25 years since her first husband, Ken, passed away after a short illness. Marty helped Marge and her 3 children get through the rough spots with insurance, saving and investment plans and ideas. When Marge and I married 22 years ago he stepped in to help us plan our financial future and retirement. He has always been there when we needed him with sound advice and ideas. The firm has grown as has his staff. They are great with quick responses on issues and questions. We consider them all friends."

-Marge And John Groot

"I have been a client with Family Wealth Management for almost 30 years. I have a fully diversified portfolio thanks to thier Expertise and Integrity. Marty Higgins reviews my portfolio at least once a year to let me know if changes need to be made or where my investments would earn more."

-Kathleen Guzman

"Family Wealth Management is a great financial and welcoming business. The name says it all “Family”. They treat you like family and listen to what your needs are and they guide you to help you through it. I would recommend them to anyone seeking financial help and understanding."


"I was greatly impressed at how my accounts were handled amid the instability of COVID-19 conditions. FMW reached out to me personally to answer questions and allay any concerns. I appreciate the personal attention and expertise of the firm. Thank you."

-Mary Ellen

"Marty and his team at Family Wealth Management have gone above and beyond to ensure my retirement years have been comfortable and full of travel and adventure. I am grateful for his guidance, professionalism, and vast financial expertise. You will be, too!"

-Kathleen Woodring

"When I first started with family wealth in 2008 I had my doubts but as time progresses over the years, I realized it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Every decision that is made is base on our specific need and guided by their professional decisions and years of experience. Your satisfaction and success is their number one goal. I would definitely recommend Family Wealth Management to anyone who is looking for a trusted establishment to handle their financial needs. The staff is very professional and friendly and they make you feel welcome and appreciated the minute you walk through the door, and that alone make all the difference in the world. Thank you Family Wealth!"

-Hopeton Richards

"Appreciate the timely responses to my questions and excellent customer service. I also look forward to our quarterly Future Focus meetings to review my portfolio and projections. That time together allows us to make adjustments when necessary."

-Jack Morrison

"Marty and his team have been professional, knowledgeable and helpful. Every issue I have had with my late husbands pension, Marty handled. He put my mind at ease.

If I need to make a withdrawal, his staff, Laura or Alexis, take care of it within minutes. My investments have met my expectations, even in this market. I am very satisfied with Family Wealth Management. Scott answered the Medicare questions I had. With his help I chose a great supplement plan."

-Deborah Brooks-Bustard

"Marty (and now his team at Family Wealth Management) has helped 4 generations of my family for many years. When someone in the family refers to “Marty” we all know who they mean! He is responsive, follows through as promised, and truly recognizes that people are not one size fits all in terms of financial goals. He always provides information both for the present and to protect/grow assets for the individual’s and the family’s future!"

-Catherine Jones

"Marty has been at the top of his game for many years. I am extremely confident in the wealth management of my retirement accounts, and insurance needs. His attention to my questions and concerns are always addressed efficiently. I would highly recommend Marty and this company to friends, family, co-workers, and anyone seeking financial advice, or financial management."

-David Logan

"My experience with Family Wealth Management over the past 12 years has been very rewarding. Marty Higgins has gotten to know both my husband and myself, and understands our priorities, family issues, and estate plans. He and his staff have been attentive to our needs and requests, and we enjoy the periodic in-person review sessions that he conducts. Our retirement funds are invested wisely, and changes are made as needed. I feel that Marty has our best interests at heart, and that gives me peace of mind."

-Stephanie Salewski

"We started with Family Wealth Mgmt. in 2007. We were with another financial planner but he was not being proactive with our accounts. From the time we started with Marty it has been very informative and progressive. He not only has done very well with our investments he has also been available for our other financial needs. We do highly recommend Family Wealth Mgmt."

-Michael And Laura Tayloe

I want to thank you for all you did for me during the recent down cycle of the financial industry. When everything around us was crashing, you were steadfast and positive. Your wealth of knowledge shined thru during the tough times and right decisions were made because of you. Thank you again for all your help and for always treating me like I am your only client.

-Theresa Fay

We have been clients of Family Wealth Management for more than 14 years as a family. They helped create a financial plan that met our needs than included life insurance, annuity and investment account. They are very reliable, responsible with their recommendations. They are almost like family.

-Steven & Judy Horovitz

When my husband died, I wanted to protect the assets he had worked hard for so that I could provide for my family and also protect my own income and savings. I always felt safe and protected with Family Wealth Management and trusted their decisions. I would highly recommend them for their expertise and for the feeling I always have that they are “friends.”

-Louise Kesty

My husband and I have dealt with Family Wealth Management for over 10 years. Marty has always answered our questions and initiated various strategies to meet our needs. I particularly appreciate the one to one service we receive.

-Ellen L Shinn

Marty has handled my finances since the 1980s. I retired two years ago and because of his guidance my wife and I are finding our “Golden Years” truly golden.

-Bill Bowe

I worked with Marty from 2015 – 2020 and took a short hiatus to work with another Financial Advisor that a friend recommended. We are close to retirement and we just felt like Marty and his team were more knowledgeable as it relates to the next chapter in our life. I also really like to follow my investments closely and The Family Wealth on-line tracking program is one of the best and most investor friendly products I’ve ever seen. If you want to prepare your family for retirement than I would say Marty is an excellent choice.

–Brian Travers

"Marty has been an amazing resource and advocate over the years I have been with him. He takes the time to educate me in lay terms that even a novice can understand. His calm demeanor, transparency, and knowledge inspire confidence and trust, regardless of what the market is doing."

– Felicia Chew

"If you are looking for experience, expertise, and expeditious service, consider Family Wealth Management. They are a professional team of professionals who care for their clients needs and meet and exceed their expectations."

– Allen Raevsky

"Marty taught me that my house should be used a good loan that you should never pay off nor make double payments. He taught me that no matter how much equity you have in your house, a house can never pay you when you the need the money the most if you ever lose your job. To build tax advantage wealth while delivering future retirement monies, allows you to sleep well at night."

– Andrew Bakey

"For decades I have entrusted Marty with my family’s financial well-being with much success. Marty has proven himself to be knowledgeable, thorough, patient and forward thinking with great integrity. The team at Family Wealth Management works hard and is responsive to requests/questions. I highly recommend Marty to navigate the intricacies of the markets."

– George Yeager

"Positive: Professionalism, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
Scott Higgins is such a nice knowledgeable responsive helpful professional. He will help you with your questions he will listen to you and he will take his time. I recommend Scott Highly. And truly feel he is a vital cog in the success of mutual of Omaha."

- Carol D

"So my mom’s husband passed away & her husband’s financial advisor was so rude that we looked to move money & found Family Wealth Management & Scott Higgins & his assistant Alexis were so helpful & knowledgeable. Scott took the tine to listen to what we were looking & provided detailed info because we really didn’t know how to handle it. He also put her mind at ease and handled everything for us allowing her to grieve & deal w other things. We are so pleased and highly recommend you won’t regret it!"

- Dawn

"Just completed meeting with my financial advisor Marty Higgins. Puts my mind at ease reviewing financial reports and discussing the future. Marty makes the breakdown understandable and answers all my questions."

- Diana Zawadowicz

"My wife and I have been clients of Marty Higgins and Family Wealth Mgmt for about 15 years, and we are very pleased with Marty and his services. He provides excellent insight into your plans and problem areas; directly confronts your biases, fears, and misinformation; and helps you develop sound plans and make financial decisions based on the best information available and his 45+ years of experience and judgement in the business. Marty will lead you through issues and scenarios that you may overlooked, or never thought about. While he strips away some of your emotions from your financial decision making, Marty is nevertheless a very caring person and family man, and puts your best interests first. Finding and signing up with Marty and FWM was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made."

- David Salewski

"A client for more than 30 years and happy with Marty’s guidance with many market fluctuations. We are retired 20 years and credit him with our financial security in retirement. His book on financial planning gives an excellent blueprint on how he has helped us and others."

- Harry Vahey

“I have known Marty for almost his entire career since 1976 and have always felt like he has never steered me wrong with my investments. His assistants have made me feel like friends and always handle any requests I make with the utmost care and speed. I would recommend anyone to Family Wealth Management.”

- CarolAnn Napoleon

“My wife and myself have been using Marty and Family Wealth for many years. Everyone on the staff is very professional and friendly. Recently we had an issue with an insurance premium that was due back to us, that was keep by the insurance company. It was a large sum of money we stood to lose. After contacting Family Wealth and Scott Higgins, he provided us with a great and very valuable service. Scott composed a very explicit letter to the insurance company stating our needs and wants. The letter Scott provide us, paid off with the insurance company returning our money. My wife and myself were very pleased and excited with the service we received from Scott and Family Wealth. Would highly recommend Family Wealth Management to everyone.”

- Dennis & Pam Mackin

“I've had the benefit of being a client of Marty and the FWM team for over two decades, and the results have been outstanding. Their unwavering expertise in navigating the financial landscape over that period has not only safeguarded my investments but also consistently generated positive returns. What truly sets Marty and his team apart is the personalized attention and genuine care they exhibit, making complex financial matters easily understandable. Their reliability, integrity, and commitment to my family's financial well-being have fostered a relationship built on trust and satisfaction. Grateful for over 20 years of outstanding service!”

- Michael Reid

The above statements are provided from clients of the advisor. There has been no compensation paid of any type or kind in exchange for the statements. No material conflicts of interest exist arising from the relationship between the advisor and the clients. The statements provided may not be indicative of all client experiences. There can be no performance guarantees or guarantees of success.